Scrolling articles "sticks"

While scrolling through reading articles the page will often “stick,” or stop scrolling, until I move my mouse past a certain article, automagically marking it read. The problem comes when I’m not watching out for this quirk and have tried scrolling, then I “read” the article that’s stopped the page from scrolling and then multiple articles will scroll by, each being marked as read as it passes beneath my mouse cursor. I end up losing my place and having to scroll back trying to find the last article I skimmed.

To me what appears to be happening is that new articles are only loaded when X number of articles are left to be scrolled past, and sometimes that number isn’t being hit and new articles aren’t loaded so I’m “stuck” and can’t scroll until I “read” past a certain point. Maybe this number needs to be dynamic based on the reading viewport sit

I’m using the latest version of Safari on the latest version of OS X. I have not tried this on other browsers and operating systems.


Yup, this is part of a fix I made last week, but occasionally there is this unintended consequence. I run into it myself plenty (and I monitor when others hit it), so it’ll get fixed as soon as I find the inspiration for the fix.

Still a problem, and really annoying. Usually I can get around it by scrolling in the Stories Pane or clicking the Next Unread button be even these tricks have stopped working.

I actually made a change to this about a week or two ago that loads more pages much more aggressively. It appears to not have worked for you. What I really should do is make an easy fix to detect if you are at the bottom of the Feed view and make that a page fetching action, similar to how if you scroll to the bottom of the story titles pane it loads more stories. I’ll try to get this in tonight. Thanks for letting me know!

There we go. Just deployed a fix for this. Whew, this was a long time coming. Let me know if it feels fixed for you. I realize it may take a while before you would normally experience this issue, but perhaps you hit it often enough to notice that it should now be gone.

Thanks so much for your thorough explanation and reproduction steps. It was a huge help!

I ran into something similar. Tried locking the arrow on the left at the bottom of the screen. Every so often as I navigate by j/k, it will stick and not go further or back untill I scroll back a bit.

Ah, it seems that some autoloading is triggered by scrolling but not j/k.