Scoring articles for highlighting and hiding

Ultra-cool would be a scoring feature just like in advanced newsgroup clients back in the good old days: users associate positive (upranking) and negative (downranking) integers to case insensitive words (or regex).

Furthermore, the user define thresholds in form of an integer for highlighting and hiding entries acccording to the sum of scores per item.

Even better would be sorting option according to score. This way, I was handling ~150 active newsgroups within my slrn Newsreader without losing too much time and still find the interesting postings according to my preferences.

Example configuration:
ai → +100
chatgpt → +50
homework → -500
chompsky → +80
hiding threshold = -50
highlighting threshold = +100

Item: “How may I use ChatGPT for Homework assignments” → +50-500 = -450 → item gets hidden

Item: “Interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets boosted by ChatGPT” → +100+50 = 150 → item gets highlighted

Item: “And now for something else about ChatGPT” → +50 = 50 → item gets shown as normal (not highlighted, not hidden)

OPTIONALLY: scores for feed sources (+80 for any item from the NY Times feed)

Probably not a feature suitable for Jow Average but awesome control for tech-savvy users like me.