Schlock Mercenary keeps marking old entries as unread and doesn't reliably show new posts… (as well as a few other comic feeds) tends to mark entries 1-3 days old as unread in lieu of showing today’s comic.

The dates on, for example, the April 24 comic, are showing as the 20th. (Just like the 23rd, 22nd, and 19th.).

This has been a fairly consistent problem with a few comic feeds.


Huh. It seems there’s quite a variety of ways that rss feeds can markup their dates. PvPOnline that is working correctly uses the same date/time format as Schlock, but has it in a different tag. instead of

RealLifeComics has a completely different date format, but it’s stored in a tag. Questionable Content uses the same date format and same tag, but it works fine. I have no idea why it would be having different results. Maybe I should install newsblur on my server just to debug these few comic feeds.

Wow. this really takes over a computer doesn’t it. I might have to install it in a clean VM instead. The fabric script seems to make a lot of assumptions on how everything is laid out.

I don’t think this is a project for a single week.