Saving A Search Filtered RSS as a new feed?

I have a folder where I bring in feed A, feed B and feed C and NewsBlur works great. Then, I can search for specific items within the aggregated feeds. The question is, is there any way to create a feed of just those narrowed search results. That would be AH-Mazing! 


I second this. I would love to have a saved search function for feeds/folders. It would be useful for what OP said, and also fast track a commonly used feature.

Any updates on this feature? I know that every search has a different URL, so we can bookmark those and just run them when we feel like looking at those results. But it would be nice if it was part of the Newsblur UI in the web, iOS, and Android interfaces

Saved searches is a feature I’d love to introduce. I built a prototype and it’s works OK but it will take some work to get working. If people want this, chime in please!

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