Saved Stories

HI all,

I am a recent Google Reader convert. I imported all the feeds as well as the saved stories too. I am running into 2 issues with my saved stories list.

  1. I have over 1900 saved stories and I saw that there were lots of stories (~10%) that were not saved by me. It is not even in English - wonder how that got into my list and how i can remove them.

  2. To make things easier - can i refresh just the saved stories part from Google reader?

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Yup, Manage > Import will import what it can from Reader.

I tried this a couple of times as well but it does not seem to work. I have attached an image which shows all the starred items in google reader between 27 feb and 2 March. Below that is the one from Newsblur. AS you might be able to see there are an extra 9 items in that list.

That’s just the data Google returns to me. I don’t know if there is anything I can do.

i tried extracting the data and looked through the JSON file and there are no such links in the JSON. So there is no such think in Google Reader.

Also is there a way to clear the saved items and start importing the JSON file?