Saved stories view on IOS

I do most of my reading on iOS, and have noticed lately that the saved stories appear oldest to newest and there isn’t an option to change this around to where I can see the most recent saved stories first; the option appears to be there, but doesn’t allow it to occur. Usually I do read oldest to newest first, but in the case of saved stories, I’d like to have the option of reading newest first.
Ideally, would be able to sort either way, and group them by the site the original story is from. Right now, I’d settle to be able to read the saved stories newest->oldest. How can I get this switched (without having all my feeds to go newest to oldest)?

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Looks like a bug, but it’s fixed in the upcoming iOS update.

Actually, do you see the settings cog in the top right on the Saved Stories view? Tap that and you should see an option to switch to Newest First, overriding your global.

The cog is there, but it’s frayed out and will not let me change anything while in saved stories–checked on both iPad and iPhone.

Ok, the latest version definitely allows it, so stay tuned.

K. Thanks for looking into it!