Saved Stories issues, feature-requests

I’m liking the promise of tags in Saved Stories, I think it’s going to fit my workflow rather well to get through related classes of items more quickly without topical context switching overhead. However. I see a couple of issues off the line:

1/ An item from my “tech-misc” folder is showing up in the listing (but not the count) of the “misc” tag-folder, as well as its proper “tech-misc” tag-folder. To be clear:

  • “misc” folder (count 1): has two stories (one tagged “misc”, one tagged “tech-misc”)
  • “tech-misc” folder (count 1): has one story (the same one as above tagged “tech-misc”)

2/ Keyboard navigation for the Saved Stories sidebar item and the tag-folders themselves would be a nice addition. Maybe “Shift-s” to mirror “Shift-e” to focus “All Site Stories”. Shift-j/k can work after that to move between tag-folders

(2b/ A shortcut for “All Shared Stories” would be nice, too, if you’re in that area already. :wink:

3/ I think the folder-based tagging will suffice for me, but having a keyboard accelerator to focus the tag input field when saving the story would be nice to quickly add more tags without involving the mouse.

Keep up the great work!

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  1. This is a known issue. The tag matching isn’t particularly exact. I may fix this, but I’m going to wait to see if it’s a bigger issue.

  2. Ideally I would integrate saved story tags into the ‘g’ shortcut, but that’s not so easy unfortunately.

2b. Just need a good shortcut.

  1. Yeah, I thought about this. Need a good shortcut key, and they’re getting crowded!

Also, why is this under “Problem”! This should be under Idea. I hate seeing problems on the dashboard when they are in fact ideas.

(Re: (2)) I never use the searching; I prefer to go directly to the thing I want to read, not search for it; I usually don’t even know what it is, I just see the category unread count. My entire workflow is based on reducing unread/saved-item counts by category of content, not searching for particular content by name, especially since ‘g’ only searches blog titles not post titles.

GReader’s “g” shortcut prefix was pretty useful, and relieved some of the crowding, there: “g a” (go-to all), “g s” (go-to shared), “g r” (go-to read), “g v” (go-to saved), &c. As you already have ‘g’ mapped to search … maybe shift-g for the prefix version? (this emacs user wants to suggest C-x C-j or something :wink:

The focus was the first tag matching Problem, the rest of the suggestions followed on once I started writing, but … fair enough, I’ll prefer “Idea” in the future. :slight_smile: