Saved stories do not display on the web in Full View mode

As the title says I am not seeing any Saved Stories when I am in Full View mode. I see the message ‘Select a story to read’. The only way I can see a story I have saved previously is to click on the Saved Stories link then depress the j key.

Saved Stories DO show up in the Android app.

Is there some kind of fix for this?

I use the S key to save something to Saved Stories.


Do you need any additional information on this bug?


You probably want to enable the “Select first story” preference. I suppose we could auto-select the first story in Full mode when reading Saved Stories for all users, even those without the “Select first story on opening feed” preference. Alternatively, use the Split view for Saved Stories and minimize the size of the story titles pane.


I’ll just keep using Full view and hitting the J key to bring up the saved articles.