Saved stories disappearing

My saved stories keep disappearing without any help from me – yesterday I dropped suddenly from 35 to 28, and today I dropped from 18 to 16. The two I lost today were items I’d saved within an hour of them disappearing.

Is it just me? Did that recipe for guacamole make me look fat?


Err, is this still happening? Did this reverse? What’s going on? What’s your username, I’d love to get this looked at.

It seems to have stopped, but I mostly use the save feature during the week (so I can save items at work to look at at home later) so I didn’t monkey with it much over the weekend. My username is asdonkar if you want to check it out, and I can update you tomorrow if it’s still happening.

By stopped do you mean that the original count has come back?

No, the saved items that disappeared/got un-saved never came back, but I haven’t had any new saved items disappear since Saturday.

Hey, Samuel, I wanted to let you know that this seems to be happening again – this morning I started with 3 saved items, added 3, and when I came back half an hour later, the three I’d added had disappeared. I thought it had stopped, but it seems like not. :frowning:

What’s your browser/OS?

Today it’s IE8 and Windows 7. I’ve also had it happen with the most recent non-beta version of Firefox on OS X Lion, and Safari and Firefox 7 both on OS X.5, whatever the version before Lion was called.

It happens MOST with IE8, both in Windows 7 and Vista machines. (I know, I know, I’d use something else, but security clearance at work, etc, doesn’t allow it.)

Unfortunately, that’s definitely the problem. IE8 is just not supported, since IE in total is only 2% of NewsBlur traffic, and IE9 is supported. Chrome Frame is a possibility for locked down workstations.

As for this happening on Safari/FF, it’s possible it’s not hitting the server. I’ll see about getting some error messaging in for failed stars.

Ah, well, crap, I should have guessed. I will just deal with it best I can! Thank you for helping me figure it out. Stupid IE8.

I’m having the same trouble:
I have 1003 saved items (almost all imported from Google Reader), and have extreme difficulty getting newly-saved items to stay on the list.

I’m using both the iPhone/iPad clients as well as Chrome in OS X 10.8

I don’t have any imported saved items from GReader, and only newly Saved items from w/in NB, but I’ve noticed and am *nearly* 100% sure that Saved items are getting lost even intra-day.

In fact, just now when subscribing to the feed for this Topic, the new NB tab that opened only has 7 saved stories, vs. 9 for the NB tab that I had open previously. When I got to expand the 9 to visually compare it to the 7 in the other tab; it only shows 7 items. :frowning:

This reminds me that last night after processing and un-Saving) all Saved items, the badge still listed [4] Saved Items, eventually resetting at some point.

I’ll add: I’ve tried syncing after saving an article in the mobile clients in case it needs to sync immediately, but that doesn’t help, either.

I notice that my Activity Stream does record the fact that I saved items that no longer exist in the Saved Stores folder, which is a/ useful to me, and b/ might be useful for debugging purposes.

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