Saved items from Android app missing from generated RSS

I mentioned this earlier but it may have been buried within a larger topic.

I have a problem: items saved using the Android app are not showing up in my new “saved” RSS feed, even though they are appearing in the Saved Stories view in both the app itself and Newsblur on the web.

Obviously since they’re missing in the feed, IFTTT (I’ve switched my recipes to use my saved rather than shared RSS) never sees them.

Is this a known issue and is there a fix in the works?

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You probably subscribed to a specific tag’s RSS feed, and since none of the mobile apps can tag saved stories yet, you won’t have access to those stories yet. I need to implement an RSS feed for all of your saved stories, but I shipped without it for now. I’ll eventually get to an RSS feed for untagged saved stories.

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Gotcha. I found that by removing the final tag portion from the URL for one of the tags, I got a combined RSS feed containing all saved items. This is what I was referring to – I had assumed that you’d built that as an overall saved items RSS feed and just hadn’t yet made it discoverable in the interface.

I now see that it only contains saved items with a tag, and thus the saved items from Android (with no tags) don’t show up there.

No biggie. The Shared items RSS feed works fine with IFTTT, and I’ll use that as I always have.

Is it possible to have the server automatically add an android tag or whatever to everything saved from the app?

It’d be a workaround for this, and also handy for finding stories that you need to tag.

Or an automatic “untagged” psudo-tag for everything with no tags.

I’m thinking about untagged, but I’m afraid it would mess with the OCD suffered among us.

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As an OCD sufferer, I’m keen to see an “untagged” tag so I know which items I need to tag.

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