Saved Articles Disappearing

Saved articles disappear without being unsaved. This sucks, because these are the ones I REALLY want to read.


I’m having this same problem. It’s very frustrating.

I’ve heard about this but don’t know why it’s happening. I need more information to piece the puzzle together. There are tens of thousands of new saved stories a day, so I want to figure out why some of them are disappearing.

Thanks, Samuel. I am sure it’s a challenging bug. I’ve had many articles saved for long periods without any trouble, but some disappear within a day or so of being added. I wonder if it could be related to the feed? I know I have had items disappear from and, sometimes the same item more than once. I can’t tell that it is related to the order of operations I tend to do.

Here us another link that has disappeared multiple times:…

This JUST happened to me again yesterday.

I saved this article:…

I did it at home, and when I got to work this morning it was gone.

A little background, all of these feeds were imported from Google Reader. There 1004 saved articles, and that’s where that number stays. If I save a couple, they disappear and the number stays at 1004. Is there a limit?

This is repeatedly happening to me for this feed:…

I have the “E3 2013” and “The Last Of Us” entries saved for later. Over the last couple of days I’ve noticed “The Last Of Us” has disappeared off my saved stories list a few times. I’ve kept re-adding it to try and solve a pattern to the bug for you but haven’t work one out yet I’m afraid. The “E3 2013” entry has disappeared off my saved list once, but other than that once it’s always survived fine when “The Last Of Us” disappeared.

As Shane says, this is a worrying bug as I don’t know how much other content I’ve lost. There are other cases where I suspect (but haven’t proven) that things have disappeared from the saved list, but this one above is definite and also seems somewhat repeatable.

I made some changes, but the one is extremely difficult to track down. Let me know if it happens again, and please include the NewsBlur url (the url at the top of newsblur when you’re in the feed, not the original feed address).