Savage Lovecast Magnum Feed shows no stories, but newsblur reports no problems; story order issue?

Once upon a time I listened to Dan Savage’s free ad-supported; I added the RSS feed to NewsBlur, and got a notification of a new episode every week. All was well with the world.

A couple of weeks ago I knuckled under and started paying (no ads, extra content) and was given a unique per-subscriber link to my own RSS feed. So I added that to NewsBlur instead of the free one and… nothing. No error message, no stories.

I can put that URL into curl and get what looks like well-formed XML; I can open it up in Firefox and it’ll parse the feed nicely. I’ve opened up the free and subscriber ones in Firefox to compare, and the big difference seems to be that the free feed (which works in NewsBlur) puts the newest stories first in the XML, while the paid version (no joy) puts the newest stories 

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