Same link, different title - not fetched (quite a deal breaker for me...)

Dear Dev,

There is a major problem for one of the feed I use:

There are often entries with same link but different titles, because the same link gets updated by FDA over and over again. Every time they update it, they created a new entry, most likely with a new title, but sometimes same title would be the used, with the same “(update)” text appended to the end.

I guess for the sake of saving resources, newsblur will ignore the same link. But it is a deal breaker for me, because the same link gets updated, and I want to get informed every time it updates.

I thought at first it is a problem with the RSS itself, then I tried a local RSS reader and all the entries showed up. So it is definitely a newsblur setting.

It would be great if we can get an toggle option for this (fetch identical link). It should be off by default of course, so only people who need them can switch it on. Also maybe put a cap on free tier users, to something like 10 feeds at max that can be toggled on.

So I have found a related post.

I think this suggestion is quite on point

An aggressive dedupe algorithm with option to turn it off for certain sites.