RSS Reader: Moving from Mac to Win

Hello, fellow Newsblur Users!

I am moving my machine from Mac to Windows, and I am looking for a Windows RSS Reader that syncs with Newsblur.

I am currently using ReadKit on the Mac to sync my RSS streams with my activity on the Android Phone, where I use GrazeTEN. What exists on Windows with similar Sync functionality?


That’s a hard one as the only Windows apps that supported NewsBlur haven’t been actively maintained. The API hasn’t changed though, so they should still work. Check Manage > Goodies > Windows for a few apps that do work.

Hello @Kristian_Kohntopp … welcome to the Dark Side. :slight_smile:

I don’t know of many apps that do take advantage of it. But frankly, when I am on my windows computer, I am using NewsBlur via web and absolutely love it. What I have done to make it “App-like” is add it as an “app” in my browser. I used ChrEdge (Chromium version of Edge) but any Chromium-based browser should allow for this. As other PWA features are added and enhanced, this “app” can take advantage of it.

Do note that I also use the official apps on iOS and iPadOS as well when I am not on one of my Windows 10 machines. Everything syncs perfectly for me.

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Anything stateful you wish the newsblur website did better? Somehow to make it behave more like an app?