RSS items not imported into feed

This rss feed:… contains items from today (Nov. 08) but the feeds most current item is from Nov. 07. No new item since then was added to the feed.

Looks like there is something broken.


Yeah, there most definitely is. I guess’s other feeds aren’t retrieved correctly as well.

Well, they broke their feed. All of the GUIDs are the same! Seriously, just look at the RSS feed’s source:

In other words, they are specifically saying that these stories are all the same. GUID = globally unique identifier.

I have two options, either ignore the guid (like many other readers) which leads to a massive number of duplicate stories, or listen to the guid. Not much I can do when the publisher is explicitly saying these are the same story.

I sent a mail to alert SPIEGEL ONLINE of the issue, hoping they’ll fix it soon.

So far, they only replied with a standard thank-you-for-your-feedback mail :frowning:

…and they fixed it!