RSS for Saved Stories

I’m a big fan of automating my account through IFTTT and RSS. Is there an RSS for Saved stories? I know there’s one for shared, but oftentimes I prefer simply saving stories and having them bookmarked.


This is a nice to have, but I don’t see much demand for something like this. I’d have to both write the RSS feed (not terribly difficult), but then also expose private URLs to the user somehow in a discoverable manner. Not so easy.

Please consider this a +1 for this request.

My reasons for having an RSS feed for Saved Stories:

  1. use it to trigger a IFTTT action using their generic RSS Feed channel as stated above

  2. it is easier to save/unsave a story (“s” hotkey) than it is to Share (Shift+S, Ctrl+ENTER) and Un-Share (no hotkeys - click Share, click Delete Share)

  3. Shared stories are publicly accessible, saved stories are not. There’s lots of stories I’d love to save but not make public.


Actually for #3 I just found out I could set my shared stories to private, so that kinda takes care of that, which in turn solves #2 and hence #1 for me. Consider me a happy camper now :slight_smile:

I would also like the feature of having an RSS feed available. Having the feed private is not a deal-breaker for me. In order to make my Starred Items have a feed in Google Reader, I had to create a public page for them. I use this in Google Reader to build my daily dev link blog posts on

+1 vote. An RSS feed for Saved Stories would be great! Totally agree with Derek on every point. Itching for some IFTTT.

While an RSS feed is the easy way, requesting that IFTTT adds Newsblur is the best option. I suggest everyone heads over to their Channel request page (…) and submits a request for Newsblur.

have requested at IFTTT. but…

an RSS feed feed would still be great. wouldn’t need to be that many stories even for archiving to pinboard.

+1 for this. IFTTT could forward the shares to pinboard, where it will be saved.

I know this has been somewhat superseded by saved story tags having feeds and by the integration with IFTTT, which I’ve been using for a long time. But the recent changes at IFTTT have me looking at other services, and an RSS feed for the saved stories as a whole would still be a very handy thing! It’s precisely backing up my saved bookmarks automatically to Pinboard (which isn’t going to work with IFTTT anymore) that I’d like to continue to accomplish.

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Yes… Really wish Pinboard could just take RSS feeds directly. Not quite sure why he needs the middleware, but maybe there’s a development reason that’s over my head.

Possible workaround for continuing to use IFTTT with Pinboard and Newsblur … if you go to, you can set up a private email address for posting links. So, in theory, you could email each link to your Pinboard using a Newsblur–>Email recipe. I think.

Here’s the rundown of how to format the email…

And confirmed: It does work!

Note that saved stories do have RSS feeds. Right click on a saved story tag and get the RSS feed from there.