RSS feed with links to relative URL(s)

While subscribing to e.g. (the official RSS feed for daily Bing images) You will notice that the image (linked in the RSS feed) will not be shown due to the item link and img part are having only relative URLs, like:

<pubDate>Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:00:00 G6T</pubDate>
<img height="280" src="/th?id=OHR.GBRTurtle_EN-US9472992921_1920x1080.jpg&amp;rf=LaDigue_1920x1080.jpg&amp;pid=hp" usemap="#map1" border="0"/><map name="map1"></map>

Can this be solved somehow?

NewsBlur does try to absolute-ify relative urls, but their feed doesn’t validate and they don’t provide the right link in their feed. I would send them this W3C RSS Validator link:

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Thanks for the reply @samuelclay , You are absolute right that it’s not a valid RSS. (The fix would be in this case to add as the main domain prepending the link.)