RSS feed URL changed by itself

This morning one of my feeds was showing items from a different RSS feed.
Originally the RSS URL was this:…
(verified from an OPML file I saved a while ago)
Today it had somehow changed to this (I didn’t change it):…
Same site but different RSS feed.
I corrected the URL in the Site Settings and it’s working correctly.


And it happened again, just a few minutes ago, to the same RSS feed.
But slightly different this time. The URL in the Site Settings didn’t change - it’s still…
which is correct. However, the feed isn’t showing the items from that feed, it’s showing all the items from a different feed - apparently the same incorrect feed as last time.

The site publishes the other URL in its feed, so NewsBlur obliged and used the new URL. It’s always the publisher’s fault (and usually a caching bug on their end). I’m thinking of removing this url changes for feeds that aren’t explicitly 301’ing and are known good.

Yes, I would prefer that. At least if something went wrong it would be obvious - like a 404 or whatever - instead of messing up the feed in a strange way.

Hmm…This time unfortunately I can’t seem to fix the feed even by deleting & re-adding it. :frowning: I really wish it would just use the RSS feed that I tell it to use!

Is there any workaround for this, or is this feed just toast?

Give me the NewsBlur URL of the feed and I can repair it by deleting duplicates.

I have the same problem that even if I remove and add the feed it still show some other feed full of stuff I’m not interested in :-/……
is the feed in question.

Today this feed managed to show two incorrect feeds. First the URL in Site Settings changed from…
(same as before) and after I corrected it, it shows the items from a third feed (URL unknown).

I was about to post the same problem with the ‘Zero Punctuation’ feed. Perhaps Samuel could contact the creators?

The publishers also have a twitter account that they update with each new video, as a quick fix we could simply use the RSS feed from that:…

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I’m not convinced the problem is with the RSS feed - it looks fine to me and it works correctly in Google Reader. Anyway, NewsBlur should never change the URL in the Site Settings - that’s what identifies the RSS feed.

Hugh, thanks for that. For future reference, I had to add the Twitter RSS URL which is this:…

had same story with newsblur’s twitter feed… it suddenly changed to some “travel company” feed :slight_smile:

Aaand it changed again. This time to “The Escapist : Latest Videos”…
It’s not the feed I want. I want it to stay with:…

Please stop changing the feeds!!

Aaand now it’s back to the correct feed address but the feed contain some other feed (like before). When I look at the feed in my browser it shows the correct content but Newsblur shows something completely different.

Now it seems that the feed is correct except that the default name is [Untitled] (but at least that can be changed). Let’s hope the fix is permanent. =)

NewsBlur should be following the user’s URL always, never the publisher. Please give us the power to use our own feed URLs. If it is broken, then just 404 and we’ll adjust it.

No other RSS apps ever had issues with the specific feeds that I gave it but NewsBlur is the only one who keeps changing the URL to a different one.

For an example: keeps changing to some feed. Even when I corrected it in the site’s setting and did the parse thing, it worked out fine. A few minutes after, it changed back.

Please fix this. I’m loving NewsBlur but this kind of thing doesn’t make it look good.