RSS Feed not recognized in NewsBlur

Just discovered a way to get RSS from twitter (… ) but the resulting feed can’t be used with newsblur - any ideas? Error: “This address does not point to an RSS feed or a website with an RSS feed.”

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Looks good to me:…

Thanks for the quick reply - great support from your side :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I was too ambiguous. I didn’t mean the site I had linked to
but the one you can generate using the instructions on this site
(generate a twitter widget - then deploy a google web script).

I could give you a direct link to my ‘personal’ twitter-widget-rss-feed
but I don’t want to post it for the public. Is there a way to send you a PM or Mail?

best regards

I suggest you send it through the RSS Validator, which will tell you what’s wrong with it.

Thanks for the suggestion.

If I use e.g. it seems that the google web script returns a website - starting like:

But if I enter the same URL into the browser I get an rss feed - like

I am not sure, but maybe google is returning something different if the caller is not a ‘human’ !?

The strang thing is that Jeremy has reported here:…
that he used the same method successfully.

Any tips someone?