RSS feed for not updated since October 18

The RSS feed for has not been updated on newsblur since Friday. I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing using their RSS feed… but the most recent article on newsblur is still showing October 18. The most recent article in their feed is from today, October 20.


how do we find a solution for this!

Site statistics show timeouts starting: 2013-10-18 10:24:06 Timeout (505)

The feed loads fine (in a few hundred milliseconds) when accessing from my machine, so I’m guessing feedblitz has blocked NewsBlur or otherwise added a delay for requests coming from NewsBlur. I would try contacting their support @

Even when I subscribe on Newsblur using their non-Feedblitz feed (, it does not update on Newsblur. The non-feedblitz feed works and updates properly on other readers such as Digg Reader, so I think this is a Newsblur issue.

It looks to be a NewsBlur Issue. I added that feed to look at it and i did in fact get items only up until the 18th. I checked the feed stats and i saw all the time outs. I then went to the edit feed screen and looked at the rss URL. Its the feedblitz url that is timing out. If i manually edit it back to their feed ( then i can get a current listing of items. It problem occurs in that the feed will not retain the new URL. The edited URL isn’t retained in the feed. If it were the system would work just fine.

So, two issues. The feedBlitz URL looks to be dead and you can’t edit the URL on the feed in a way that it gets saved.

Hmm… so i reloaded newsblur and my change was accepted. Interesting.