"River of News," Automatic Full Text, and non-RSS Enabled Website Clarifications

Can somebody please clarify what “River of News” means? I thought it would be something like clicking on “All Site Stories” and scrolling through all the unread articles across all the feeds. But when I click “All Site Stories” it’s only showing 3 articles at a time, and not the 5 at a time that are mentioned for free accounts on the front page.

Is there any way to automatically pull full-text articles in Feed/Full view? Some feeds (uni-watch) clearly denote there is more text that isn’t being displayed, but others (racefans.net) don’t.

Lastly, some other similar services offer the ability to subscribe to sites that don’t support RSS. As RSS generally becomes less obligatory this seems like a critical feature. I would love to be able to subscribe to this page, but no amount of URL experimentation has led me to a valid RSS feed. (And the site owner is non-responsive) Any way to do that?

Hi, the river of news is the same as reading by folder. Free users are limited to 3 stories when reading by folder. You should have seen a callout that says to upgrade for full folders.

Full text articles are also only available to premium subscribers.

As for subscribing to sites without RSS feeds, it’s a planned feature but doesn’t exist yet. There are a few services that will do this for you and provide an rss feed.

This site is your best bet for that: http://fetchrss.com

Thanks for the super fast response!

Does this need to be updated to say 3 instead of 5 then?

Is the Full Text feature an automatic thing? Many similar services say they offer full text, but they all seem to require an extra keystroke or click to actually load full text. I’m looking for full text by default, since so many sites aren’t bothering to indicate when there’s more content anymore.

Would it be possible for you to briefly subscribe to Uni-Watch and RaceFans and post a screen capture of what the default article display would look like?

Thanks for the fetchrss call out! I’m not initially having any luck getting it to generate the feed I’m looking for, but I’ll keep playing around with it.

Yes the full text feature is automatic,you just need to open the article and wait for the text to load.