RIL options and Starring

Hey, I like your product. Just thought I would add some thoughts

  1. I would really like it if the RIL Share option did not open in a new tab. Instead I would love it I could just add it to my RIL list and it would add it in the background

  2. I would love it if there is a way to star articles, similar to GReader.

Thanks for making this. Its awesome


You can star articles, just right click and choose “Save This Story” or press S (same as GReader.)

The new Instapaper Bookmark can do this. Just like in GReader it saves the currently highlighted news item to your Instapaper account.

Thanks for the tip Paul. I knew about opening the right click menu, but not the S shortcut. Thanks.

I don’t use Instapaper. I like Read it Later because it is simple and merely saves a headline and link. I will have to try and see if the RIL bookmarklet works like how you described the Instapaper bookmarlet working. Currently I use a third party extension to mark my RILs in GReader and I love it but it doesn’t work with Newsburner. However, I may have to try Instapaper, as I really want to switch my account and that is the one thing missing. Thanks

Actually, it appears that Instapaper works a lot better than the last time I tried it. Thanks

Thanks for all the help, everybody. As for your original question, I plan on building true OAuth implementations of the “Send to” buttons one day. It’s been asked for by a number of folks, so I may prioritize it sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the functionality of the right-click/S; but I’ve found that for every extra motion/keystroke, there’s less likelihood for using it. Hence, like Jed asked, I’d love to be able to skim the headlines and just poke a Star or Heart icon, immediately pushing a headline to “saved” folder. Is a single click a possibility? Or right click and highlight several headlnes on the page, and at the end, hitting S, thereby saving/favoriting them all? I’d like to try using Newsblurb as a kind of newswire that is easily scanned and then winnowed further from the “saved” folder. Just a thought, but I’m MOST appreciative of this very sophisticated and professinal reader. Thanks!