Revised stories show up empty

I’ve noticed that sometimes a story will show up with just the title, no content. If I visit the actual site, a complete story is there. In NewsBlur I can select “show revisions” in the story pane, then I see the whole story but it’s all struck-through.

I saw that someone had this trouble earlier with a specific feed (…), but that seems to have resolved. In my case, it isn’t just one feed, and I’ve seen it with at least Blogger and WordPress hosted blogs.

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It’s because the feed is giving my the story with no content. No sure why, but I also don’t know what I can do about it. The feed is literally telling me that the story content was deleted, so I honor that. You can of course hit the “diff/modifcations” button in the top right of a story, but then you just see everything crossed out.

What I’ll do is if the story loses 99% of its content, just ignore the change. I’ll ship that now, but unfortunately it won’t work retroactively. But new stories should no longer lose their content. Let me know if you come across a new story doing that.

Actually, I checked and I’m already doing this. I check for 10 characters, which may be too low, since the revised stories might have some content. Do you have any example NewsBlur urls of sites that have this behavior? I want to verify that the new stories have > 10 characters, and then adjust accordingly.

Thanks for getting to this even at the end of a crazy week! An example of this behavior is at this NewsBlur url:… the story from Sep 17 titled “The day after the prize.” I hadn’t realized this before, but in story view the story appears as revised, it’s just in feed view that it’s blank.

Just launched a major rewrite of how diffs are computed. The problem with this particular feed is that the original story looked like this: " You all know…", but then it would get edited and come through like so: “You all know…”. So my diff library was creating this: "

You all know…" which would have the unfortunate side effect of hiding the entire paragraph.

This is now resolved, but unfortunately is not retroactive (although if the story is new enough, next time it gets fetched it will be converted to the newer diff setup).