Retrieve deleted folders

I accidentally deleted a large folder of feeds I didn’t mean to delete! Is there any way to get them back?

The deletion happened a bit weird - I was trying to delete one other feed - hit the Delete / Really Delete buttons and nothing happened. So I clicked it again for that feed, Delete / Really Delete, and then the interface refreshed for one second, which showed me the second deletion was a folder, and then that was gone too. So the first deletion, which hadn’t seemed to work, DID work but it wasn’t visible to me. Please tell me if there’s a way to get them back!! :frowning:

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Yes, I can get a backup of nearly anything. What’s your username? I can email you an OPML file of your sites, which you can easily import and have your folder re-appear.

As for the slow deletion, it’s because I don’t refresh the feed list until the operation completes. It’s called a pessimistic delete. An optimistic delete would immediately update the UI, but it gets hard to recover if it fails.

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Ah OK that makes sense now - thanks so much! My username is nothingless - thanks again and sorry for the hassle! Shouldn’t have been so impatient!

Email sent. Sorry about the hassle!

Ok, good news. I launched a feature that emails you a copy of your OPML file after every folder deletion. That way you always have a backup, no matter what.


No problem - thanks so much for all your help, the backup file fixed it for me. Awesome service!