"restarting" a feed from the beginning

Sometimes there are blogs that you find a few years after they started, but you are still interested in their journey. Normally I save them in Pocket and at some point I’ll sit and breeze through their archives and end up speed-reading the articles i’m interested in, and then adding the feed to newsblur so i can follow along with any new articles or posts. 

Is there another way? Is there a way to somehow have newsblur pull the archives? Even better would be if newsblur or some sort of service could ‘repost’, say, twice a week, (or some customizable frequency) the old posts so you could read them leisurely. 

Thank you for everything you do for newsblur, its my favorite app/tool and one I happily pay for every year. 

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Hmm, I don’t fully understand this request. You want to be able to set a feed to have its unreads show back up as unread later? Also, NewsBlur can only fetch archives that are present in the RSS feed itself. It can’t go to the site directly and grab the stories. It’s only using what publishers syndicate.