Resizing browser width breaks full screen mode

first off, thanks for newsblur! i love it.

i use firefox 27 on mac os x 10.9.1, and i use a window manager (Slate) that lets me changes my browser’s width programmatically instead of with the mouse or OS X .

when i use that to change my browser width while NewsBlur is in full screen mode, it breaks the feed’s left position. when it breaks, it starts where the browser window *used* to start, instead of where the window currently starts. e.g., if i widened the window, there’s a white vertical strip on the left side. screenshot below. refreshing with the ‘r’ keyboard shortcut fixes the problem.

this doesn’t happen if NewsBlur isn’t in full screen mode, or if i change the browser width manually or with OS X’s “Zoom.”

i’ll definitely understand if this isn’t high priority. thanks in advance!

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Can you inject javascript afterwards? If so, use this:


I rely on the browser’s resize event to fire, so if it doesn’t fire then I don’t know to resize. Which is odd, since you would think an extension whose purpose is to resize the window would send websites a resize event.

thanks for the quick response! i tried ‘$(window).resize()’ manually, in the browser, and it does indeed fix the problem.

Slate operates on arbitrary Mac OS X windows, so it doesn’t necessarily know how to do anything browser-specific. regardless, i’ll see if i can inject the JS somehow. feel free to mark this resolved, if that’s possible.

Oh, I didn’t realize it was a generic window resizer. A shortcut to forcing a resize is to just grab a drag handle of the window (in other words, the border) and bounce it a bit. That’ll signal a resize. But then again, your windows will no longer be pixel perfect in terms of sizing.

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This seems like a bug in Firefox and/or Slate; probably Slate just uses Accessibility APIs to resize the window, but if it’s doing something else then that could be a problem. I tested with Moom (what I use) and it didn’t seem to have any trouble resizing a NewsBlur page in Firefox. (However, Moom includes workarounds for several apps; Firefox may be one of them.) I do notice there is a longer delay after resizing before the browser updates in Firefox versus Safari or Chrome.