Resize stories column not working

So I have two things.

  1. I have all my feeds in split view, and resizing the 2nd column (The feed stories) is not working. I don’t get the little 2-way arrow, when I hover over the column border.
    EDIT: It does work, but you have to be pixel perfect with the mouse precision. Using a trackpad, it is VERY difficult to hit the column border right on the pixel. It would be nice if this area width could be extended a bit. I’m also assuming, that when people start getting 4K monitors, hitting the line exactly, will be almost impossible.

  2. The options for switching views are not consistent. As you see in the image below, I think the split view icon should have the text “SPLIT” to the right of it, since it’s the only view with no descriptive text.


I can’t resize the 2nd column either.  I can just get the 2-way arrow but when I click, nothing.  I wanted to widen it because suddenly images started appearing in that column which is really really annoying.  I like newsblur because it’s not so image heavy like other rss readers are. 

Help please!

So I’m not sure which border you’re talking about, partially because there are quite a few. Can you post a screenshot?

Also, you can disable the story title preview images.

Ah right, the split view. It’s a special view because it’s a split between Full and List. That’s why it’s two arrows pointing at the other two views.

Ok, the Split view now has a title. 

Thanks for updating the split view icon, it looks much better now!

For my first inquiry, I was talking about this border being very hard to click and resize: