Research / Documentation Enhancements

With the addition of highlights and notes; Newsblur is getting very robust for a documentation and research tool. A couple of additional thoughts to continue on this train:

  • Tags: Ability to link tags with (and optionally private notes) to a Blurblog. For example - tag comments “08/04/2020 Updates”, which is associated to a Blurblog with same ‘title’.

  • Blurblog: Ability to have public or private content (i.e. feed for private team, feed for public).

  • Newsletter: Ability to export Blurblog format to email newsletter, i.e. send this collection of stories to the team.

  • Aggregate similar stories: Ability to view stories that share similar subjects or stories, either for finding similar content to review or to “pair down” duplicate stories within the feed

On the tags idea, if the private notes are public then you should use the sharing functionality. That’s the distinction between the two. Anything more complicated will be a mess UI-wise.

As for blurblogs showing private content, I think the broader feature there is a teams feature and that’s planned, although a bit far out.

The newsletter is also a teams feature, a digest sent out at a chosen interval with the stories from the team share (which is private).

Aggregating stories is a different feature and one that I’m not planning on attempting, as it involves some imprecision that is against NewsBlur’s principles. Even NewsBlur’s training is explicit. Any topic collapsing should be explicit and I don’t see how to do that. I’d be game if I could figure out how to represent that collapse.

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I think the ‘teams’ functionality would drive mainly what I’m looking for; which is really around sharing specific content / comments through the native interface in a private manner. Appreciate the feedback and focus to keep the solution to founding principles :smile: