request to remove fluorescent colored side bar/strip in lists of news items

I read news items on the Android app Newsblur, by showing text only (no images as far as possible) with a dark background and light text.

Recently (new release?), I see the look of the page has changed --on the left of the screen is a bright blue/orange/red etc. side strip that is annoying.
If you read at night as I do you will see what I mean. It is even distracting during the day. After reading an item the strip of light disappears next to the item so I see it shows whether item has been read or not. It was much better just to dim the intro text of the news item/article to indicate that it had been read.

I think that the the strip should be removed. Also, it’s an ugly early website fluorescent color, a graphic designer would probably notice this straight away. I find that the app is unusable with this light strip present. Is there a way to configure it not to appear?

(BTW, Feedback via this getsatisfaction website is going to limit the number of responses to issues/features like this.)

I find this a very useful app. I’ve enjoyed using it so far, as I want to use an RSS / tweet reading app that concentrates on producing text news items. But not with this fluorescent strip down the side!  thanks,