"request timed out" adding site from iOS app

I’ve added (or tried to) a few sites from the iOS app over the past couple days and every time I think I’ve gotten this error at least once before I get it to work. Tonight it is giving it to me over and over.

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Btw. This is on a home wifi network and everything else in the app is loading fast and fine.

I’ve been able to add sites with ease. Are you tapping on an autocomplete item or typing out the url by hand (in other words, a url that NewsBlur has not seen before)?

I was pasting in a URL that was new to NewsBlur.

Probably just need to adjust the timeout on that call to something more reasonable. I set it to 30 seconds, but you won’t see it until I release the next version, which will probably happen as soon as somebody complains about the iPhone 5 not showing the full NewsBlur iPhone app.