Request for a mark-as-read mode toggle

I would like to be able to toggle mark-as-read scrolling on and off in the main browsing ui (maybe with a keyboard shortcut). When there are a significant number of unread things in a site, I like browsing through for specific articles before either marking-all-as-read or leaving for later reading.

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There are a few preferences that handle marking as read. Check them out in Manage > Preferences. One is a manual mark as read, which may be what you want here.

Thanks, what I’m asking for is not so much a deep preference control as a toggle that’s either a keyboard shortcut in the ui or equivalent. I’ve got two modes of reading, the “read everything” and the “browse quickly through a large list.”

When I’m browsing quickly through, I either need to have my mark as read delay set to 4, or just hit u after every story. And the exact opposite holds for the read everything, and then mark unread stuff I actually want to read.

shift-u to toggle off “mark viewed things as read” mode on keyboard for this session would therefore be awesome.