Renewing premium subscription always fails

I’m trying to renew my subscription with credit card. Auto-renew failed as I have a new credit card number.

So far I’ve tried 3 times with 3 different browsers, including one with no extensions at all.

Each time I get the “thank you, upgrading your subscription” page, then when it redirects back to the main site, the account info shows no payments made this year.

I’ve been getting emails telling me my account has expired, but no confirmation of payment. No payment is showing up on my credit card history.

Hey I think we spoke over email but just to confirm for anybody else coming across this, you won’t be charged until your subscription expires. In your case I think you’re right at the threshold and I believe I put in a 24 hour “grace” period so I’m not sure if you’re in that or not. I think since your account is still premium that you shouldn’t worry about payment going through until your account emails you that your premium is set to expire.

Hi, that wasn’t me - someone else must be having payment problems as well.

In my case, my account expired on May 28. Auto-renewal attempts failed on the 27th and 28th because my credit card number has changed.

My account was given a 1 month grace period on the 29th (thanks, glad that this issue isn’t pressing).

I received automated emails about the above on the 27th, 28th and 29th.

I tried paying manually with my new credit card number 3 times between the 28th and 30th. Each time the transaction simply wasn’t registered.

I just tried again, and it failed silently again.

Please let me know when to try again.

What’s your username? I’d love to take a look.

It’s my email address. Any way I can get that to you without posting it to a public forum?


Sure send it to

Looks like it was a failed CC payment, for whatever reason (probably expiration date or security code).

I’ve been entering correct information time and again. I have no problems with other online payments. Don’t know why Stripe on this site is rejecting my payment; I’m not seeing evidence of the rejection so I don’t know what I could even take to my bank to pose a question.

Hey, was this resolved? I have time to figure out how to fix it for everybody, but I need to find an account that has this happening to them. Were you able to renew successfully?