Renewal issue

I got an email today stating that I have one more month for Premium use. The problem is that I have already paid through PayPal and, furthermore, I was promised last year when this same problem occurred that this year would be free. My username is looms and if you need proof of last years’ issue I can provide the email. Thanks in advance.

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I only have your o.o email on file. What email did you use to email me? Also, are you looking for a refund? Paypal is setup as a subscription, so it’s going to charge yearly. 

O.O is the email that I have used for the duration of my service. I assumed (wrongly) that I wouldn’t be billed till '16. Is it possible that I can get a refund, change my current payment method, and then next year when prompted to pay by email, pay then?

Sure thing, refund has been issued.