Rendering broken on Android app


new webview update dated 3/26 is supposed to be “Bug fixes and speedy performance improvements” but does not fix this for me.


Broken for me as well. Webview was disabled, so removed Chrome updates, which resolves Newsblur problem.

Any word on a fix?


Seriously, that’s major thing for (paid, as me) users. Please fix it ASAP.
Thanks in advance


Completely agree. This is getting ridiculous. I’m extremely frustrated with the lack of attention. The last comment from Samuel Clay was two weeks ago with no update since then to even say he is working on it. I understand he was on vacation for a week, but he has been back long enough to devote some time to this.


OTOH Mark as read icon has been “fixed”


So the good news is that we’re working on it and should have an update out within the next week (I hope!). What happened is that Google pushed out an update to Chrome that caused our web renderer to misapply a style. But the issue is that we need to upgrade to a later Android API in order to release a new version and that’s a substantial chunk of work, of which we’re in the process of completing. I promise that this is our highest priority and we’re working on getting it fixed ASAP.

A temporary fix is to use the dark theme, but I realize that’s a non-optimal fix. But it works for now.

If you’d like to follow the ticket that’s tracking this issue, it’s on Github:

Android: screenshot attached of the issue

Thank you Samuel - I appreciate the update!


The good news is that rolling back the Chrome updates means that XKCD cartoons once again appear in Newsblur!

Thanks for the update. Figured this wouldn’t be a trivial fix.


No news on this 12 days? Any update on this?


I’m pushing as hard as I can to get this release out. We’re relying on @ojiikun, since he has the fix nearly complete. But there’s a possibility this goes another couple weeks, at which point I’m going to have to go another route to get it fixed.


Thanks for the update!


I finally came there to check if it is just me. Figured out the dark mode my myself. But I don’t like the use it a lot. Looking forward to seeing the fix. Thanks!


I’m not a complainer, but I’m really disappointed in how long this is taking to fix. I’m tired of having to use dark theme to be able to use NewBlur on my Android phone and tablet. It’s been well over a month. I pay a yearly subscription for this and I expect more. There hasn’t even been an update for over a week. You need to do better.


Just adding to the frustration, I keep checking the github thread, hoping for an update, and the last comment from the developer there was more than a week ago, basically saying that there’s no ETA. More than a little frustrated.


It’s been a while and I’m also feeling like we will have to bring in extra help if we can’t get this done by May 1st. But know that there isn’t a day where I’m not thinking about this bug and what to do about it.


Gotta say I’m also more than a little frustrated with this, especially since the website isn’t mobile-friendly, so that’s not an option. Why wait until May 1? Bring in the extra help now, not later. It’s been far too long already.


If you have to blame someone for the delay, blame Google. They’re the ones who’ve been blocking app updates until maintainers jump through a bunch of new hoops. Newsblur is not the only app affected here.

Would it be any quicker or easier to try targeting SDK 26 in the meantime or does it make more sense to jump directly to 28?


If you have to blame someone for the delay, blame Google

I’m not paying Google, I’m paying NewsBlur and this is pretty basic core functionality that’s been broken for over 5 weeks…


I am now in the process of confirming with our Android developer to see if he can fix this in the next few days. If not, I will post a call for an Android developer on Monday and then we will have a clear path to fixing the bug. I’m so sorry this has continued for this long.

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webview 73.0.3683.90 just came out 4/25. it does not fix it.