Removing old feeds to improve performance?

First, I love newsblur!

But, I have a list of over 350+ feeds that I’ve amassed over more than a decade. A lot of them no longer work. And I know there are great tools in Newsblur to update/manage our feeds. But, even with the tools I still feel the need to manually evaluate each feed before removing it if only to make mental note of what I’m losing.

So my question is: does newsblur (either web app or mobile app) take a performance hit if there are a lot of misbehaving feeds? Is it worth my time to spend a day going through my feeds for a spring cleaning?

Hi Putch, there is no performance hit for having a bunch of misbehaving feeds. I personally have 500 feeds and I tune NewsBlur based on the performance for my feed list.

As for spring cleaning, I suggest using the Organize dialog (Manage > Organize) and sort by recency so you can see how recently a feed last published. It’ll also show whether or not it’s misbehaving.