Removing/hiding some Globally Shared stories

Can you “shut off” some Globally Shared stories? Ideally, I’d like to be able to remove/hide stories from specific sites AND stories shared by specific users.


Reading that over, it’s not as clear as I thought. I’d like to be able to blacklist, for instance, DOMAIN.COM to not see stories from that site in the future, and blacklist, for instance, NAME@DOMAIN.COM to not see stories shared by that user in the future.

I recently made a similar question yesterday.… I suspect we are talking about the same users/domains at the moment. But it should be emphasised that this is a problem with the site design not just a specific user.

That’s correct. To me, the reason for the Globally Shared Stories section is discovery, finding new things that are interesting to you. Part of that process is weeding through things that aren’t of interest to you, but there must be a way to note “this is not of interest to me, don’t bother showing it to me again” in order to useful.

When the discovery feature is largely three to five weblogs covering the same ground, it is broken.

I’m planning a complete overhaul of Global Shared Stories as part of my upcoming Discovery features. Right now the Global Shared Stories is just a list of 200 users. But it will soon change as users who are reshared get promoted and users who are thumbsed down will no longer show up.

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Also, if there is a problem user, please tell me the username (feel free to email: and I’ll have them removed from the list. There’s no moderation involved, other than manual intervention.

Just FYI, I don’t consider these to be “problem users” at all. Just because I don’t care to read it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value for others. I’m not looking to silence anyone’s voice, I’d just like to turn down the volume on some of them, here on my end.

I look forward to the new Discovery features. Thank you for the work you have done and continue to do.

One problem I have with the GSS is that even though I have it set to show Unread, it likes to show me the same things over and over again. And it goes back for months, even though I only want to see the new stuff.

The dates on GSS are of the original article, but they are ordered by share date. I suppose I should change that, but I’m planning an overhaul of the whole thing, so I’ll reconsider then.

But why doesn’t it remember that I’ve already read an article?

There’s a difference between a read story showing up as unread and a read story showing up as read in an Unread Only view. I assume it’s the latter, but is it possible that it’s showing up as unread?

Not sure I understand. All I know if that I have it set to Unread Only, but many stories show up that I have already seen and they have the little unread dot to the left of the title. I can explicitly mark it as unread, but then it shows up again next time.

Are they in feeds you subscribe to or only in feeds you don’t subscribe to?

Both (although that’s a good point. I wish it wouldn’t show me things that I already subscribe to. I use it to discover other things that I might not otherwise see).