Remember List/Split View options per site

I prefer the split view for some sites and the list view for others, however newsblur does not remember the last view mode I used for a site. Would it be possible to make it remember it?

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You’re not intended to switch between the two, as it takes quite a while to re-layout everything. Notice how long the delay is? That would be interminable when going between sites.

But some sites like hacker news (at ycomb) are impossible to read without the fullscreen list view. For other sites I prefer a split view with a small list.

Not true at all. Hacker News is far better read in split view. Position the “story titles pane” on the left (between the site sidebar and the stories), set the format to “Text” for the feed, and you have a classic “three-pane browser” presentation which allows you to read the Hacker News feed better than any other reader I’ve ever used. No need to leave Newsblur for a web browser at all. Just click on any item in the story titles pane to have the full text of the HN item appear in the story pane.

Indeed! Now is much better. Before I use to have it positioned on the bottom.

Yes, I don’t understand why the default for positioning the “story titles pane” is not on the left side (default is on the bottom, it’s controlled in Preferences). Particularly on modern 16:9 aspect screens, there is plenty of width-distance available but not enough height-distance. Putting the story titles pane on the left side makes better use of screen real estate, and gives you enough story titles to be useful. It’s not only better for Hacker News, it’s better for every feed.