Registering password and email to an already created username

I created a username without a password and an email to try out the service at first. How can I assign a password and an email address to my already created username?

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Okay, the account management UI feels a little a strange to me, so it takes some time and patience to figure out.

I managed to assign a password through Manage > Preferences menu by leaving the ‘old password’ field blank and just entering my desired password into ‘new password.’

I haven’t however found a way to assign an email address to my account yet. (I’m planning to get a premium account the moment I can figure this one out :))

Awesome that you found the password change prompt. I’m planning (real soon now) to add a new account management dialog, which allows you to change your username, password, email, and see your premium status and subscription dates.

I would love for you to go premium in the mean time. If you do go premium, your email address will automatically be set for you when you complete the subscription through PayPal.

That sounds fine, though I would have preferred to use another email address than my paypal account’s address. But I’m not gonna fret over it.

I’ve just got a premium account and everything’s working fine. Keep up the good work!