Register Newsblur as RSS reader FF 82


Now using Firefox, v82 x64. Firefox has re-added the RSS feed option at some point (switching over from Chrome) and Newsblur is not an option. So, I went to the Newsblur site and saw the item “Firefox: Register Newsblur as an RSS Reader” in the Goodlies & Extras". But nothing happens.

The URL showing for the link is “” which goes nowhere.


Good question! I’d love to support FF but I can’t find any information about their support for RSS readers. I upgraded to v82 but don’t see RSS anywhere in Settings. Can you post a screenshot or link to a page that explains these changes?


Oops, it’s an add-on. It came bundled with my install, so I thought it was included. “Awesome RSS”.


I personally no longer care about this, but others still might.
Firefox just committed the unforgivable fatal flaw of deleting about 90% of my bookmarks for no apparent reason. So I’m reverting myself back to Google.