Refund Premium Account?

Is there any way to refund a premium account? No offence to the creators, but I honestly did not want to pay for this without trying it out a bit first. I thought I was giving my card as signup procedure and I’m a little skeptical right now… Please help?


The creator of newsblur (Samuel Clay) is pretty generous with refunds. The contact link here in the support section will take you to his twitter account, where I imagine you might be able to send him a message asking for support in closing and getting a refund for your premium account.

same here, I wanted to try the free version first, but there was not possibility to come on the site. all the time this payment window. so i entered my creditcard details, but without checking this “I’m generous…”-button. btw What is this button for? and is there any support to whom i can write?


I contacted him through Twitter and it’s been resolved. Thanks!

Also, will this thread be deleted soon, or can I at least disconnect my Facebook account?

I don’t know about thread deletion, but you can disconnect it from your Facebook account by going into your Facebook settings and disabling the connection to the GetSatisfaction web site.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Facebook account so I can’t tell you exactly how to get to the app connections settings, but this website (below) might be helpful.…