refund please

Bought NewsBlur premium to replace Google Reader with understanding that Feed Reader for Win8/WP8 could connect. You are blocking Feed Reader. Refund please. smallmountain is my user name.

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Email me your receipt and I’ll be more than happy to offer you a refund.

how do we email you? all i can find is your twitter…

I’m just curious but what is Feed Reader for Win8/WP8 ?

What is Feed Reader Window 8 and Windows Phone 8 and Where can I find it?
I have Windows 8 too. Maybe I can offer some support for others who run into the same issue in the future.

There’s a mailto link on his website.

You should try asking that question on a thread that isn’t titled “refund please”. To answer, just search the Windows Store for it.

If anybody else stumbles on this thread, Feed Reader was unblocked shortly after this thread was posted and all is well.

By the way, I moved to NewsBlur + FeedReader because NextGen Reader switched their back-end to Feedly, which, until a few weeks ago, had no client for Internet Explorer. However, Feedly now works in Internet Explorer. And while NewsBlur vs. Feedly is arguably a toss-up, Feed Reader vs. NextGen Reader is not close - NextGen Reader blows Feed Reader out of the water, especially when considering both the Windows Phone app and the Windows 8 app. So, I have moved to Feedly because of the superior Windows clients available for it.