Refund please - don't like service, google reader import broken


I’m a bit disappointed with newsblur. I’ve paid today rather than wait for a free account to become available, but I don’t like the interface and most critically, google reader import doesn’t work.

Import from google reader is absolutely critical for me - I have dozens of sites in there. Without it, newsblur is useless to me.

When I attempt the import, an empty window pops up for a moment, and then a couple of blogs which I’ve never heard of are added to newsblur.

Sorry but I’m not really interested in debugging this, I want a refund.



One possible solution for the import would be to export your Google Reader data and import the OPML/XML file… this can be done via Google Takeout.
But this would not change the user interface, which you don’t like.

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You should use OPML import if Reader import doesn’t work. But otherwise, email me and I’d be happy to offer you a refund.


Hi Samuel,

Thank you.

I can’t find a link on to email you.

There isn’t a link on to email you.

Can you be a bit more specific about how you want to be contacted please?


Just look at the “About” section on NewsBlur. Thanks.

George –

Real human being that’s totally unassociated with Newsblur here. Although it has its bugs, I’ve found the developer significantly responsive to user complaints about UI and existing bugs.

There’s also a lot of features here I find I really like. The intelligence trainer is pretty cool because it essentially introduces optional complicated filtering to the process. You can subscribe to a monolithic Gawker Media feed and end up seeing only the tags you like.

It’s definitely not Google Reader – but I think, in all honesty, it IS the best of the alternatives. I came to the decision – for myself, at least – that a Google Reader expatriate is going to have an adjustment curve with ANY service. I think that Newsblur offers the best tradeoff for the necessity involved in adjusting.

Anyway, some food for your thoughts.