Refresh time flow / premium account

helloI was using for some time, my Newsblur account free version. In my various flows, the refresh time specified in statistics (going from 3 hours to 06 hours). Underneath, it was mentioned that these sites could be accelerated up to 10 times, that is to say, a refresh performed between 10 and 12 minutes, for the majority of monitored flows, premium version
So I went in Premium, this morning, and the surprise refresh all sites, did not go to 10 or 12 minutes, but a minimum of 1 hour / 1 hour and a half or even 05 or 06 hours for some sites. . I even certain sites / flows that have a higher refresh time premium than free version.
Is this normal when he was there a problem …
This is the time of the refresh of the premium version that motivated me to take the pro version. The premium account does not seem to offer me the refresh time specified in the free version to motivate the transition to the premium version …
Thanking you to look on this little problem.
Best Regards.

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Hi Zayatoshi, sites are refreshed according to how often they publish. If you are the sole subscriber to a site and it publishes at least once a day, it will be updated at least once an hour. If they publish less often than once a day, then the site will be updated a bit less than once an hour. It scales up from there.

If the site supports PuSH (pubsubhubbub), which is a free real-time protocol, then it will be updated immediately and the Statistics dialog will reflect that. Many sites are real-time.