Reddit on NewsBlur - why hadn't I thought of this before?!

For the longest time, I had this issue: I’d go to Reddit, notice that I’ve seen almost all the posts, and leave disappointed. Then a few days later I’d go on again and realise I’ve missed a bunch of posts because I’ve been busy.

NewsBlur to the rescue! Now I see each front page post exactly once, and I can go back if I have more time to waste. Not just that, I can finally filter out some of the default subreddits that I don’t find interesting at all!

Thanks Samuel!

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I find it funny when subreddits are all obsessed about their subscriber count. I follow a dozen-ish subs, but none of them on reddit proper.  RSS 4 lyfe.

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Go into your Reddit account preferences and check:
don’t show me submissions after I’ve upvoted them (except my own)
don’t show me submissions after I’ve downvoted them (except my own)

Then, you just vote on content and you won’t see repeats.


The problem is that means you see all the low-value posts that go away after an hour or three: all the spam, all the FAQ. I should modify my “filtered rss tool” to put a delay on Reddit feeds.

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It’s true that the feed seems to have a bit more stuff than I would see if I visited the front page 3 times a day. I think the ideal tool would tag posts by the highest position reached, and I’d filter on that.