Reddit feeds no longer showing

I have a few Redditt feeds in my Newsblur and they are no longer updating. the last update seems to be around 4:30 pm EST yesterday (12/11)


+1 have the same problem

But tested in other feed readers and it works there (Feedbin for example)

Edit: tried my backup desktop reader, RSS Guard, and they work and update there too

I’m having the same issue also. I turned on my Reddit feeds in Inoreader and it pulled back articles from Reddit.

Probably just a temporary block. They’ve blocked NewsBlur but if you reach out they can often turn NewsBlur back on. Probably an automated system.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 10.43.18 AM

Yeah they appear to be returning either 403s or 429s. But openrss feeds for reddit seem to be working for me

It’s been going on since last night. Is there a specific contact at Reddit we should contact?

/r/bugs maybe?

Tested with Feedly, Fluent and Inoreader and they are getting the Reddit feeds with no issue.

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Well, that’s not good…Reddit blocking Newsblur is sorta major for me…Newsblur is also blocked by one of my other fav sites (Saxontheweb)…

yeah, I put a cache/proxy in front of reddit’s feeds into newsblur and it works, so they must be blocking IPs or something.

How do you do that?

Interested in knowing more about the method you used for proxying.

+1 I am seeing this issue as well. Any suggestions (other that setting up a proxy)? My current workaround is using another reader.

Same started using another reader for reddit only…

this problem is not only impacting newsblur, unfortunately:

it doesn’t really scale, I just set up a CDN interface with a little bit of code to rewrite the proxied request.


Can this be fixed?

this is not a problem on our end. reddit has to fix it.

I just got a reply from Reddit for my Help request:

Thanks for reaching out about this. RSS is subject to the same enforcement as any other script or application. Please use an oAuth token to authenticate the app or consider running it on your home ISP rather than a hosting provider.