Reddit feeds are getting parsed very weirdly lately

I read reddit through RSS. Particularly right now, the /r/london and /r/londonsocialclub sub-reddits.

This used to work well when I first signed up, both on the web app and the Android app. In the last couple of weeks, however, reddit posts are looking weird in the web app (although they still look perfect in the Android app)

For example, this post:…

Would normally show the post title, the author, the description in the box at the top (“I raised this question a while back on the MTG forum. Would you be interested in drafting at a pub some time?”) and the [link][comments] links at the bottom.

It is instead, however, showing the contents of the sidebar to the right, which doesn’t make any sense in the feed reader, and it forces you to open every single article if their title is not clear enough.

I’m not sure whether something changed in NewsBlur, and you’re more intelligently grabbing content from web pages instead of showing what’s in the feed directly, or if Reddit changed their feeds, although the feed seems to show what I’d expect to see in the reader, not what I’m seeing:…

Could you please look into this?


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Addendum: It doesn’t always get the contents of the sidebar. Sometimes, for example, it gets the contents of a comment, instead of the ones in the description box at the top.

Reddit probably changed something that made the library I use for the Text view not work as well. It’s a non-deterministic process, meaning it’s different every time you run it.