Reddit feed blocked by network security

My Reddit feed is broken since yesterday. It looks like posts are coming in because the count keeps increasing. But, in the reader pane I see a message from Reddit which says the following:

You’ve been blocked by network security.
To continue, log in to your Reddit account or use your developer token
If you think you’ve been blocked by mistake, file a ticket below and we’ll look into it.

There is button to login and another to file a ticket. Is anyone else seeing this on their feeds. I am not sure if this is because my ISP’s IP is blocked by Reddit or the IP for Newblur service/servers.

I am using “reddit: the front page of the internet” for my RSS/XML URL.

Any help or answers appreciated. Thank You!

Do you use a VPN by any chance? I see it when I access reddit through my VPN.

This issue is resolved now. It was a user error on my part. I was not using a VPN either. What had happened was the reader pane had switched to “Original” view for it’s setting. I usually have it set to “Feed”. Once I switched it over, I started getting the contents.

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