Recent shared story with old story date showing up as unread?

Today a Blurblog shows up as having one unread item

I open it with feed settings to show oldest first and only unread stories.

One read story shows up in the list… Selecting it doesn’t clear it. Context menu has option to mark as unread, but I’m not allowed to since it is over 30 days old.

This item is somehow both read and unread?

I thought I answered this last week but it turned out I had not. That’s an interesting one, since it’s a recent story I shared but the story itself is from two months ago. I’m exploring reading Oldest First with 60 days set (a new feature that you can use right now but I’ll explore as it’s own fully built out feature for individual feeds soon, also only for premium archive users).

I’ll note that it’s absolutely fascinating to read news 60 days old. I find that I can skip huge portions of news-news, while the good stuff stays evergreen, or at least green enough for te year.

Anyway, I’m not sure why this isn’t working but has it resolved itself. What happens if you hit mark all as read on my blurblog?

Not sure why that didn’t occur to me, but yea, marking all as read worked.

Blurblogs, or shared items anyway, should maybe be sorted/index by the share date. Keeping the original date visible of course. If there were multiple items that’s definitely the sorting I would expect, not by orignal post date.