Recent Connection Issues

I am having a numerous issues of not being able to log on, “Counting is Difficult”, “Offline” etc. Loading my feeds is taking forever. This has occurred mostly over the past few weeks. I am a Premium User. This is occurring across all platforms and multiple locations.

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This is news to me, as the stats are quite good and loadtimes are low. Sicne its across everything, is it possible its your connection to the net? I’m not sure how to diagnose this, since I havent seen anything like it before, unless it’s your ISP.

I am constantly timing out. My connection is strong, and I am not have this issue with other internet software.

I also have problems loading stories. I also am a Premium user. Same symptoms as Patrick mentions.

I have timed out 10 times in the last 4 minutes.

Same here, also a Premium user, have a strong connection at home and work. Happens more on the iPhone & iPad apps than laptop. 

Eek, I’m at a loss. I don’t see any timeouts and my load balancer is showing 100% health. If anybody who has this issue has a dev console open, can you show if the timeout is on my end (some error code) or the client side?

Is everybody on https?

Switching to https seems to help… I’ll continue to test.

Hangs sometimes with https, stuck in “Everything is on its way”. Reloading may or may not work.

Still having issues here!

I really want to fix this but I need more to go on. Patrick, are you using https or http? Try switching.

I’m also seeing this issue, premium user. It’ll sometimes hang on “Everything is on its way” when first logging in, or “Counting is difficult”, or “NewsBlur timed out trying to connect. Just try again.” when attempting to read a feed or folder.

I’ve tried both https and http, both have issues. Also tried both Firefox and IE, both see it. When I watch the request in the dev console, the timeout seems to be client-side - the request never makes it to the server.

Something is different; all of my previous problems are gone. You must have fixed something!