Really Simple List View missing.

in a Feed View, is it worth to have a one line reserved just for a Feed Timestamp? If the timestamp is in the same line together with the the Feed Title then we have the same compact list view as Google Reader has. From usability perspective this would be a tremendous improvement for tiny dev. effort invested, I believe.


It’s on in the top-right. It’ll probably move around, but it’s there and will ship on www within the month.

I am on dev server but I cannot see any difference.

Just to make sure I made myself clear in my original post let me please show what I meant:

The List view button is in the top right of the screen. It’s a toggle between list view and split (default) view.

Also, did you mean for this to go in the other thread?

Dalibor, is your idea a duplicate of the one in this other thread?…

Yes, that exactly the thing.
But I swear that I searched for similar ideas before I did my post :slight_smile:
Thank you Jon.

Do I have to do anything close this thread?

No worries, you’re welcome. :slight_smile: Samuel has to delete it/mark it “solved”, there’s nothing you can edit to change the threads.

I am using Chrome with Stylebot Extension. and here is my CSS to solve this problem.

span.story_date.NB-hidden-fade {
display: none;

For Added Convenience and making it as simple as can be… I am doing a couple more…


This is my personal Style sheet to improve the simplicity of a Great tool (NewsBlur), I use the… as my Default.

div.left-pane {
display: none;

div.right-pane {
left: 0px;
width: 100%;

span.story_date {
display: none;

div.ui-layout-resizer {
display: none;

This stylebot also works on, not just the dev version

Indeed, with your little CSS tweak the list view looks much much better. That’s the Compact View I was missing. Thank you Shree,

Seems like this change is now included in the Dev version. Thanks for the great improvement!

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Just saw that Shift + u